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Bluegrass DaVinci Fellowship

Bluegrass DaVinci Fellowship Creed

Bluegrass DaVinci Fellowship

The stylized logo is rich in descriptive symbolism with the surrounding circle standing for the encompassing scope of our appreciation of all scientific disciplines.

Within the circle is the familiar DaVinci graphic of the spread-limbed human figure signifying our interest in the human psyche, the human physique, the humanities in general, and all animal life.

The sunburst overhead depicts our appreciation for the universe and our solar system, the achievements which mankind has accomplished, and of those things which are there for us to see and study.

The plant before the standing figure signifies our interest in natural sciences such as botany, agriculture, zoology, and illustrates our witness of beauty in nature.

The pyramid on the horizon represents achievements in building, architecture, and design by mankind and hope for the future.

The mountains in the distance signify appreciation for geography, geology, exploration and ancient things.

The lightning bolt represents our association with things electric and myriad marvels invented for and by its use.

The hammer represents things mechanical and the ingenuity of mankind to fabricate the material commodities which make life easier and more enjoyable.

This logo shall be affixed on correspondence exchanged with like societies, and is encouraged for private use by member fellows individually, who may feel pride in their fraternal associations with other significant, moral and orderly thinking persons.

The task of a DaVinci Fellow is first to conduct himself as a lay scientist except for those disciplines wherein expertise has been gained. Where honest answers are not known, the DaVinci Fellow will endeavor to pursue the best answer in order to execute the role as a teacher… and in so doing, fulfill the role as student, learning as well.

Our motto shall be: Education Through Scientific Leisure

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